Merging several different photos, I created the castle and gate.

 I gave the over scene a yellow gradient to give the impression it is a sandy, dusty, hot environment.

The rock in the foreground, on the left, I felt didn't look right so I added a more realistic rock and done some sketching over the top.
I added more shadow in this version to give it the 'magic hour' touch. I think it gives the scene more mystery.
I used the translate tool in Photoshop to warp the building and some elements of the image. Adding more detail. Blocking out shadows and colour correcting the photo textures.

Blocking in colour. Iimporting files into photoshop of buildings and rocks textures etc.

Stage 2 of my tonal values sketch. I made the building in the background more imposing. Flipping the image horizontally helps you immediately see were the design does not work and helps with perspective and composition.

I have started working on a piece of concept art. This is a tonal values sketch which I will start to add colour to.






Matte painting.
Photoshop matte plate.

 Alien egg infestation of containment unit.

Texture map for containment unit.

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